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  • May 4, 2015
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Introducing the Pinterest Developers Platform

Josh Inkenbrandt

Josh is a product manager on the Developer Platform team

Every day, millions of people use Pinterest to save creative ideas for recipes, articles, places to travel, products and more. Today we’re announcing the beta version of the Pinterest Developers Platform, a suite of APIs for developers to build apps and integrations that bring Pins to life.

On Pinterest, people have saved over 50 billion Pins. As a developer, you’ll have the chance to build something that makes those Pins a reality, like apps for ordering ingredients from a recipe Pin or booking trips based on travel Pins.

When Pinners sign in to your app with Pinterest, you can:

  • Build a personalized, curated experience based on their boards and Pins
  • Let people easily create multiple Pins or boards to get more of your content distributed across Pinterest

We’d love to hear your app ideas—take a look at our technical overview and apply for beta access. We’re looking forward to working with developers (only in the U.S. to start).

Josh Inkenbrandt is a product manager on the Developer Platform team.

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