Engineering life

Being a Pinterest engineer means working with the industry’s most talented people across the stack, owning features from design to deployment, and moving fast to ship products that millions of people love.

How we bring
inspiration to life

Dream big, start small

We’re always thinking ahead to where we’ll be in the future, but we’re not afraid to jump in and figure out if something works. Our process is iterative, and we’re constantly learning from the things we try.

Be a builder

We’re not just coders, we’re builders. We create flexible building blocks of code that everyone here can continue to use and improve.

Keep an open mind

We believe our work is stronger when we’re open to collaboration and open to feedback, and we build Pinterest with open source.

Stay challenged

Our Pinners use Pinterest to discover creative ideas, and we owe it to them to use the same creative energy in our work. We set ambitious goals that give us the motivation we need to invent truly creative solutions.

The way we build

  • Guided Search

    It started as just an idea we had over beers, when two engineers and a designer got together and built a prototype. Then, after a multi-team effort, it became the discovery platform that millions of Pinners now use and love today.

  • Messages

    A small group of engineers and designers hacked together a prototype of messages in just one week. Building on the promise of the prototype, they recruited engineers across the company and built the messaging platform we have today.

  • Cinematic Pins

    The first Cinematic Pins prototype our engineers built was too slow and chewed up too much memory. After endless iterations, hard sacrifices and a lot of engineering ingenuity, we created a product that was fast and delightful.

Get to know the engineers

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Software Engineer

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Engineering Manager

Meet Yongsheng

Software Engineer

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